What to Do When You Get Home from a Truck Accident

After you return home from getting medical attention after a trucking accident, the first thing you need to do is look at those discharge instructions from the hospital or doctor, follow those. On the discharge instructions there will be prescriptions, make sure you get those filled. Make sure that you’re taking your medicine as directed. Did the hospital or the medical provider tell you to follow-up with a certain doctor, maybe your primary care physician or a specific specialist? Go ahead and make that appointment promptly. The last thing you want to do is let that get away from you and wait weeks instead of days to get a follow-up appointment.

Also, after you get home make sure that you follow the doctor’s instructions in regards to work restrictions. If he tells you it’s okay to go back to work, follow those instructions. If he tells you to take two or three days off, make sure you do that as well. If you are put on light duty, make sure at work you are actually on light duty.

Be cautious when talking to any opposing party, any owners of the actual company involved in the trucking accident, or the insurance company that insures the truck. They don’t have your best interest in mind and that’s why you may want to call an attorney right away after getting home so they can answer your questions and let you know what your legal rights are from that point forward.