What Happens After a Car Is Hit by an 18-Wheeler?

Dealing with even minor auto accidents can be a traumatic, exhausting experience for a person. Documenting the damage, calling the right people, dealing with insurance adjusters from your company and the other party’s company, arranging a rental car, and taking care of yourself medically can be an unwinnable situation for even the most astute person. However, when the accident involves an 18-wheeler, a person injured is faced with a far bigger burden.

The Cases Are Complicated

Cases involving 18-wheeler accidents are complicated, expensive, and tantamount to searching for a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. They require a keen knowledge of state and federal laws that apply not just to the driver of the vehicle but also to the company that employs the driver, and sometimes even the companies that own the trailer being pulled by the tractor and the owner of the cargo inside of it. Truck accident cases require knowledge of the inner workings of the trucking industry and the rules that apply to trucking companies and the drivers they hire.

Information Is Gathered

Trucking companies employ teams of people to immediately document the scene and download valuable information from the truck’s “black box,” which records everything from speed, location, braking distance, steering maneuvers, and the precise moment of impact. They also have teams of employees responsible for documenting a driver’s sleep, time on the road, distance traveled, and a host of other information required by state and federal law to keep drivers as safe as possible on the road.

Trucking Companies Go Into “Protection Mode”

When an 18-wheeler accident happens, a trucking company goes into protection mode. Data is gathered, inspections are done, and a quick determination of what happened is made. If an accident victim fails to request that the company preserve the information for his or her own investigation, it may be lost forever.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

The most common causes of trucking accidents surprisingly stem equally from both the company’s failure to follow the law and the driver’s failure to use ordinary care in the operation of such a large, dangerous vehicle. Because of this, time of the essence when an 18-wheeler accident occurs. Hiring the right truck accident law firm with the skill and knowledge to preserve, obtain, and understand the evidence is absolutely essential to preserving your right to recover for your injuries, damages, and property damage. Literally hours can make the difference.

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