Underride Trucking Accident Lawyers

The images that emerge after an underride trucking accident testify to the horrific outcomes that are related to these accidents: cars crushed and crumpled underneath the rear bumper of a commercial truck; victims with serious injuries to their heads and bodies; and (in some unfortunate and tragic cases) body bags containing motorists that succumbed to their injuries. An underride collision occurs when a passenger vehicle strikes the rear of a semi-truck or tractor-trailer and travels underneath the trailer’s rear bumper, where it becomes stuck: however, it is a mistake to assume that every underride accident is the result of the passenger vehicle’s carelessness. These collisions can result in substantial losses for the passenger vehicle’s occupants and/or the occupants’ families, and these losses may be compensable through an underride trucking accident lawsuit.

Common Reasons for Underride Trucking Accidents

While the mechanics of an underride trucking accident are clear – a car collides with the rear of the trailer with such force and speed that it slides underneath the rear bumper of the truck – the reasons why these crashes occur is less clear. Of course, the driver of the passenger car behind the semi-truck may be responsible for the crash – and the resulting injuries – if the driver acted in a careless or negligent manner (for instance, by driving while distracted or while speeding). However, the truck driver may also be responsible in whole or in part for the underride accident if:

  • The truck’s signal and/or stop lights may have malfunctioned. If these lights are not functioning, then there may be no signal to the trailing vehicle to alert the driver of this vehicle that the truck is slowing down, has stopped, or is attempting a turn;
  • The truck driver may suddenly stop or slow without giving other vehicles the requisite advance warning. For instance, drivers must generally signal their intention to turn by activating their turn signals at least one hundred feet before turning. A truck driver who fails to do this or who stops suddenly may contribute to an underride accident;
  • Another driver, individual, or entity may create a hazard that causes the truck driver to slam on his or her brakes. This can lead to an underride collision, especially if the trailing vehicle’s driver is not able to see the hazard or obstruction.

Even if the underride collision is partly the fault of the trailing vehicle’s driver, this may not completely preclude this person (or others injured in the crash) from obtaining some compensation from the truck driver. In most states, so long as the passenger vehicle’s driver’s negligence is not the primary cause of the crash, he or she is able to obtain some compensation from the truck driver and/or others whose negligence also contributed to the underride crash.

Injuries Common with Underride Trucking Accidents

A car can be crushed as it travels under the rear bumper of a semi-truck, and so crushing injuries and amputation/loss of limb injuries are frequently encountered in an underride trucking accident. Crushing injuries and amputations can be fatal; even when they are not, however, the victim is often left with permanent disabilities, is unable to return to his or her job, and experiences a loss of enjoyment of life. Even though these losses are compensable through an underride trucking accident lawsuit, money may not be able to fully compensate the victim for these injuries.

In addition, underride trucking accident injuries may also include:

  • Head, neck, and spine injuries, including injuries to the spinal cord;
  • Broken bones;
  • Internal injuries to important organs; and/or
  • Psychological trauma.
  • Fatality

Obtaining full and fair compensation after an underride trucking accident begins with having a skilled and experienced trucking accident injury lawyer assist you in quantifying your injuries and gathering evidence that supports the amount of damages you are claiming you suffered.

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