Trucking Jackknife Accident Lawyers

You see the accident unfold before your eyes, and it seems as if time stands still. The 18-wheeler in front of you on the highway makes an evasive maneuver or loses a tire and the driver appears to be losing control. Before you know it, the semi-truck is blocking all lanes of travel and you do not have the time or space to stop your car. You crash into the tractor-trailer and become the latest victim of a jackknife accident. While this can be a scary and confusing situation, know that the trucking accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group stand ready to help you.

What Is a Jackknife Accident – And Why Do They Happen?

The term “jackknife accident” most often refers to an incident in which a vehicle pulling a trailer or other similar object loses control and comes to resemble a folding pocket knife. The tractor or vehicle pulling the other object comes to rest alongside or even behind the hitch where the object and the pulling vehicle connect. Depending on the unique facts of each jackknife accident, the tractor-trailer may come to rest in such a way that several lanes of traffic are blocked. If other cars or vehicles are nearby, they may be suddenly hit by the jackknifing vehicle. Vehicles that are behind the truck may not have sufficient room or time to avoid a collision.

While some jackknife accidents may be the result of forces or conditions beyond the big rig driver’s control–such as weather or road conditions–many of these accidents come about because the 18-wheeler driver engages in careless or reckless driving behaviors such as:

  • Traveling too fast for the prevailing road or weather conditions;
  • Failing to turn their vehicle in an appropriate manner–for example, attempting to turn at too great of a speed;
  • Sudden, evasive maneuvers;
  • Improperly loaded trailers that affect the vehicle’s center of gravity and performance; or
  • Driving on tires that are too worn and that suddenly explode during travel.

What Happens After a Jackknife Accident?

If you or a loved one have been injured in a jackknife accident, prompt action is necessary to protect your legal rights. Important evidence about the truck driver’s actions immediately before the jackknife accident–such as the tractor’s onboard data recorder, which documents information about the tractor’s speed and the application of the brakes–can be lost if action is not taken to preserve such evidence. In addition, witnesses who may have seen the jackknife accident occur can become difficult, if not impossible, to locate if too much time passes between the time of your accident and the time of a trial or other hearing.

Not only this, but each state has a specific statute of limitations that applies to jackknife trucking accidents. These statutes of limitations generally give injured victims on average between two and four years following the crash to investigate their cases and file claims for compensation. If an injury victim attempts to file a claim outside of the applicable statute of limitations, that claim may be denied and the lawsuit dismissed.

Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys with Nationwide Reach

Investigating and successfully pursuing a claim for compensation following a jackknife injury accident requires a skillful and resourceful law firm such as Zinda Law Group. Our skilled truck accident attorneys have extensive experience assisting individuals hurt in jackknife accidents and other trucking accidents, and we can help increase your chances of succeeding in your case and recovering the compensation you and your family need for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from the truck accident. To learn how Zinda Law Group can help you and your family during this difficult time, call us today at 800-863-5312 for a free consultation. Meetings with attorneys by appointment only.