How to Negotiate a Truck Accident Claim

Commercial truck accidents continue to rise. In 2010 over 500,000 large trucks were involved in accidents which resulted in 100,000 people sustaining serious injuries. Truck accidents occur daily and often the truck driver is the one at fault. Like all drivers, truck drivers have a responsibility when on the road. If a truck driver’s negligence, as evidenced by reckless driving, sleeping at the wheel, driving under the influence, or other such factors, caused your injuries you deserve justice and compensation. Sometimes a trucking company is at fault too for not maintaining a vehicle and charges can be pressed.

Regardless of whether the driver or the company was to blame, it is important that you get a skilled truck injury attorney on your side. Commercial trucking companies are prepared for lawsuits and the insurance company may try to give you a smaller settlement than you deserve. Don’t allow your case to be dismissed or minimized. There are many complex factors to consider such as federal and state regulations, deadlines for filing, and who to file against when you are preparing to file a truck accident claim. These are all topics a truck accident attorney can assist you with.

Because trucks are so much bigger than cars, they can cause severe injuries: coma, concussion, loss of limbs, internal bleeding, fractures, crushing, tissue damage, severe cuts and lacerations and fatalities are all common in the wake of a truck accident. The most important thing you can do is examine all of the evidence from the site, take a look at your car, and collect witness statements. In legal matters such as these, we know that you will need help gathering all of this data and we are prepared to assist you.

Questions you and an attorney should be asking include:

  • Was the driver on drugs?
  • Was the driver fatigued?
  • Was there a service violation?
  • Did the trucking company fail to maintain the vehicle?
  • Was the driver driving recklessly with disregard for the rules of the road?
  • Was a defective part of the truck responsible?

A truck injury attorney can look over the driver’s logs, maintenance records, the truck itself, satellite communications, and witness statements. Do not feel demeaned or manipulated by a trucking company’s investigators! Get your own hard-hitting attorney to help you through this often overwhelming legal process.

Let a truck accident attorney help!

At Zinda Law Group, we can help you hold the guilty party responsible and help you negotiate a reasonable and fair settlement from your insurance company. When a catastrophe happens like this to you or a loved one, our firm will work diligently to help you achieve the results you are looking for. Our attorneys provide complete care, attention, and consideration throughout the entire process. We are passionate about pursuing our clients’ best interests and are committed to helping them with every step of the way.

Your family has the right to pursue justice and compensation and you should delay no longer in doing just that! If you are looking for experienced semi-truck injury attorneys to represent you, you don’t have to look any longer. We have years of experience and have successfully negotiated compensation for our clients in the past. The verdict is in: our firm has the qualifications you can trust. We have been listed as “Rising Stars” by SuperLawyers®, are Better Business Bureau accredited, and are a honest, hard-working source you can depend upon during the days ahead. Don’t delay in getting the aggressive legal representation and total care you deserve from a truck accident attorney. Call our firm at 800-863-5312 for a free consultation.