Tired Truck Drivers in Austin

One of the major causes of truck accidents in the United States today is fatigued truck drivers. Truck drivers are under an intense amount of pressure to deliver their cargo on a deadline, which means they often skip the mandated breaks. Legislators are constantly trying to develop new regulations to decrease the amount of fatigue-related accidents, but drivers still continue to drive while they are tired. New legislation will change the way truck drivers across the continent operate. For one, the 82 hour maximum driving limit per week was decreased to 70 hours per week. There are also new rules when it comes to taking breaks. Truck drivers are required to take a minimum 30 minutes resting break for every eight hours that they are operating their truck.

The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

Despite these regulations, truck drivers still know that they are on a deadline. Truck drivers are required to enter their driving and resting hours into a logbook so that their employers can keep an eye on whether or not they are following regulations. Not following regulations can mean steep fines for both drivers and trucking companies. However, there have been some recent cases of truck drivers forging these logbooks so it looks like they are taking breaks when they actually are not. If you are a passenger vehicle driver then you are at a great risk of being involved in a collision with a truck because of their fatigue. The truth is, many truck drivers fall asleep at the wheel on a regular basis. If this has caused you injury then please get in touch with a fatigued truck accident attorney from our firm today.

Truck drivers and trucking companies alike should be held responsible for the ways that their truck drivers operate. At Zinda Law Group, we are not afraid to stand up against big trucking companies in order to get you the compensation that you deserve after a truck accident. If you have been injured, even if you feel as if the accident was partially your fault, then you need to speak with a truck accident attorney from our firm today. Call 800-853-5312 for help today.