Truck Override & Underride Accident Lawyers in Austin

Underride truck accidents occur whenever a vehicle becomes pinned underneath the trailer of an 18-wheeler. Because of the clearance under a semi-truck trailer, some automobiles can slide right into this area and become lodged there. Statistics show that almost half of all trucking accidents that include a fatality involve under-ride and override situations.

This type of accident often results in death or life-threatening injuries for the driver or passengers of the other vehicle.  Trucking companies are well aware of these dangers and are working with the Department of Transportation to prevent the under-ride pinning of vehicles. Changes have been made that make trucks and trailers more visible such as safety lighting and reflectors. But this is often not enough.

Override and Underride Truck Accidents

This can leave Texas drivers in a dangerous situation, especially if a truck driver is reckless or driving too fast.  All it takes is one 18-wheeler who is exceeding the speed limit and who cuts in front of you and suddenly you are the victim of an “underride” truck accident. Truckers get in a hurry. They disregard the rules and regulations.  And when they do this, they put everyone else on the road in jeopardy.

Get an Experienced Law Team on Your Side

Zinda Law Group has a team of professional Austin attorneys and investigators can help you discover the true cause of the accident and get help. If you’ve been involved in a serious accident with an 18-wheeler, then you may have numerous severe injuries.  Accident victims need a sharp, qualified team of Texas lawyers in their corner in order to get the compensation they deserve.

Your injuries may require ongoing medical treatments. You may not be able to work again for months. You probably have bills piling up that you can’t pay. Please call our Austin law office today and speak to one of our personal injury attorneys. We can review and evaluate your case free of charge. At Zinda Law Group, we put our clients first and aggressively pursue the settlement they deserve. Why not contact us today to find out if you may be entitled to compensation?