Overloaded Truck Accident Lawyers in Austin

Texas highways are full of semi-trucks carrying goods across America each day. This has become the major method of moving products to stores and restaurants, but with so many big rigs on the highways, there is an increased risk of accident.  A semi-truck is considerably heavier than the average car. Fully loaded trucks and trailers can weigh almost 80,000 pounds. Imagine if the load isn’t properly proportioned.

Loading a big truck takes skill and an understanding of weight distribution. Most trailers have eighteen wheels or four per axle. A trailer’s size and dimensions can vary a great deal though.  Another recent innovation that has grown in popularity is the skirted trailer. Studies have shown that air moving under the trailer is a source of aerodynamic drag. Therefore, three split skirt concepts were designed to reduce drag and improve gas mileage. The drawback to these split skirts is that they make trailers more vulnerable to high crosswinds.

Factors like this make it more crucial than ever for trailers to be properly loaded so that the weight is evenly distributed. An 18-wheeler needs a lot more room to come to a full stop. Slamming on the brakes of a big rig going 60 mph can be very dangerous for other motorists.

Recent statistics indicate that 1 out of 8 fatal accidents involve a big rig. Truckers are often under a lot of pressure to get their loads delivered on time and time is money in the trucking industry. But when the unexpected occurs and a truck driver has to swerve or slam on the brakes, his entire trailer can jackknife or overturn if it was loaded improperly.

If you become involved in an accident like this, then the damages and injuries can be very severe. Victims may receive broken bones, lacerations, brain damage, burns or spinal cord injuries. The entire family suffers when someone receives injuries this severe. Families can be left with a lifetime of pain and suffering to cope with.

Zinda Law Group PLLC works on cases like this. Our trucking law firm has extensive experience involving improperly loaded semi-trucks. There are many federal and state regulations regarding weight limits, along with the manner in which all cargo should be secured.

Experience has proven time and again that these mega-truck accidents could easily have been avoided if the trailer had been loaded properly. If a trucker loses control on the highway because their cargo shifts when turning into a curve, other motorists are at risk.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in any type of trucking accident involving an 18-wheeler, please contact Zinda Law Group PLLC today. Your injuries may be severe enough to warrant ongoing therapy and expensive medical treatments. Our truck accident attorneys will aggressively pursue full compensation for your injuries. We stand with victims to protect their rights.

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