Texas Truck Licensing Fraud

The truck driving industry has grown tremendously in the past 20 years. You see dozens of big rigs on the roads and highways every day. Hiring and training new drivers has become big business. This is a growing industry that needs dedicated and well-trained drivers to deliver precious cargo across the nation. Before getting behind the wheel of these semi-trucks, individuals are required to pass stringent classes that teach them about the trucks, the gear, equipment and road safety.

Drivers of 18-wheelers have under their control a potentially dangerous weapon weighing over 80,000 pounds. This makes it so important that they receive more than adequate training. An 18-wheeler can do significantly more damage than a regular auto in an accident. Drivers who have not received proper training put everyone’s lives at risk.

And yet, each day drivers who have not completed the training and classes necessary to obtain their commercial truck driving license get behind the wheel. The unexpected occurs and before you know it, there’s a multi-car pile-up and dozens are injured or even killed. Unfortunately, this scenario unfolds more often than we’d all like to think.

If you or a loved one has been injured this way, then you may be angry. You’ll want a thorough investigation performed of your accident to find out who was responsible and exactly the cause. If it turns out that an unskilled driver is at fault, then you may need a highly skilled Texas personal injury attorney.

Zinda Law Group works with people in these types of situations every day. Our law firm has the experience and the resources to perform a thorough investigation into the facts surrounding the accident. Because of the stress associated with law suits, attorneys at Zinda Law Group will make every effort to settle your case out of court. But our law firm prepares to win in court and make sure that you receive every dime you have coming.

If an untrained, unlicensed truck driver is responsible for your injuries, then you have a right to be compensated for all losses and damages you’ve sustained. The lawyers at Zinda Law Group work hard for each client and we have a reputation as a strong Texas law firm that you can trust.

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