Speeding Trucking Accident Attorneys

Speeding is a careless – sometimes reckless – decision that puts the life of the speeding motorist, their passengers, and others using the roads in danger. The power that a vehicle transfers to another vehicle in a crash increases proportionately with the speed of the vehicle: in other words, the injuries and damages suffered in a vehicle collision will be worse if the vehicles involved are traveling at an elevated speed.

When the speeding vehicle is a commercial truck or tractor-trailer, this vehicle can become an instrument of catastrophic injury and/or death in the event of a crash. Other motorists who are struck by a speeding semi-truck can be killed or suffer severe head or brain injuries, debilitating spinal cord injuries, and other injuries that can result in permanent disability and/or disfigurement.

Compensation may be available for the losses experienced by these injury victims, but they must act quickly in order to protect their rights. Call the speeding truck injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group today to receive a 100% free consultation with an attorney.

Why Do Truck Drivers Speed?

A truck driver might speed for many reasons. They may speed due to inattentiveness: that is, the driver is distracted and attention is taken away from the task of monitoring and controlling speed. For example, a truck driver who is texting while driving, who is adjusting the truck’s radio equipment, or who is simply daydreaming may fail to notice that the truck’s speed is increasing. Because failing to remain aware of one’s speed is a negligent act, a speeding truck driver who collides with another motorist may be held liable for the damage and harm other motorists suffered in the crash.

Unfortunately, a truck driver may also deliberately choose to speed. Some truck companies may pay bonuses to drivers who deliver their cargo to its destination ahead of schedule. Such a policy incentivizes speeding: truck drivers have a financial reason to disregard speed laws so that they can arrive at their destinations as quickly as possible and claim the bonus. Again, if a speeding truck driver causes a crash that injures others, the truck driver may be held responsible for the financial costs of those injuries.

In addition to the truck driver, other negligent or reckless parties may also be responsible for contributing to an injury crash. These may include:

    • The trucking company or the company who owned the cargo – especially if one of these companies failed to properly screen or supervise a truck driver with a tendency to speed and/or enacted a policy (whether written or not) that encouraged truck drivers to speed – such as a policy that provided a bonus for truck drivers to deliver their cargo ahead of schedule;
    • The mechanic or maintenance company that maintains the truck – if the truck driver could not tell that he or she was speeding because the speedometer was not repaired properly or because the truck’s tires were not inflated properly;
    • A passenger in the cab with the truck driver – if that passenger caused the driver to become distracted and lose awareness of his or her speed.

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Evidence in Your Speeding Truck Crash

While speeding is a negligent act that can result in the driver being held liable, it falls to the injury victim to prove that the truck driver involved in the crash was, in fact, speeding. Many trucks are equipped with “black boxes” – data recorders that record important information about the truck in the moments before the crash – and these black boxes can be extremely helpful to an injury victim’s compensation lawsuit. Unfortunately, the data contained in these black boxes can disappear quickly after a truck crash and be lost forever if legal steps are not taken to preserve the data.

Zinda Law Group has the knowledge and resources necessary to give speeding truck collision injury victims the best possible chance of recovering compensation for their injuries. Our firm is prepared to take quick action to ensure important evidence necessary to prove your claim is preserved and available for use. Call the speeding truck injury lawyers Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 today for a free consultation.