Semi-Truck Tire Blowout Lawyer

Anyone who has been licensed to drive for any period of time has likely experienced a flat tire. Although it can be unsettling to hear and feel the air suddenly rush out a tire, most drivers are able to safely pull their vehicle to the side of the road. A tire blowout – when a tire does not deflate but actually explodes – can be a much more terrifying and dangerous situation. A car tire blowout can cause the car driver to suddenly lose control of the car and crash. When a commercial truck experiences a tire blowout, the results can be even more devastating: not only is the truck driver likely to lose control of the semi, but in doing so they may crash into one or more other vehicles and cause serious and even fatal injuries.

Causes of Semi-Truck Tire Blowouts

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to determine whether a semi-truck’s tire is on the verge of suffering a blowout. In many cases, the only steps that can be taken after a truck tire blowout is to investigate the cause of the blowout and then take remedial measures to prevent other semi-truck tires from experiencing a blowout. Some of the more common causes of a semi-truck tire blowouts include:

  • Improper maintenance of tires: A truck owner and/or transportation company has a responsibility for making sure a truck and its component parts are in good working order. If a part, such as a tire, has obvious signs of wear, the company must prevent the truck from being used until the part is repaired or replaced. Not only this, but truck owners and companies must ensure their trucks are regularly serviced by a qualified mechanic so that any non-obvious defects can be uncovered and corrected.
  • Road hazards: A tire can explode if it runs over an obstruction or hazard. Potholes and cracks in the pavement, for example, can cause catastrophic damage to a truck’s tires that result in a blowout. Although a truck driver or truck company is not responsible for the care and maintenance of public roadways, a truck driver may nonetheless act negligently and contribute to a tire blowout if they strike such an obstruction at an excessive speed if they could have taken steps to avoid the hazard.
  • Improper tire pressure: Truck tires should be properly inflated to reduce the chances of a tire blowout. Where a tire is over-inflated, the pressure of the air inside the tire can cause the tire material to fail and break. Similarly, when a tire is under-inflated, the air inside the tire can expand and cause a blowout due to the increased heat present inside an under-inflated tire.

This shows that many instances of semi-truck tire blowouts can be prevented if one or more individuals take time and care to ensure a truck is in good working order before allowing that truck to be used on the roadway. Tire blowouts that result from carelessness can lead to injury lawsuits against the negligent party.

Recovering After a Semi-Truck Blowout

When a semi-truck suffers a tire blowout, there is oftentimes very little the truck driver can do to control the truck. A driver who is cognizant of the blowout may attempt to safely stop the vehicle; however, depending on which tire suffered a blowout, the driver may not be able to do this. A blowout on an isolated road may only result injuries to the truck driver, but a semi-truck tire blowout on the highway can result in a multi-car crash that results in several injuries or fatalities.

In the aftermath of a tire blowout, one or more government agencies may choose to investigate the crash to determine what may have caused the tire to fail and explode. It is crucial that injured motorists who are in need of compensation obtain these investigative reports. It may be difficult to bring a successful suit against the individual or entities responsible for the tire blowout.

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