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A trucking crash is not a normal automobile collision. It is in the best interest of a victim injured by an 18 wheeler to contact an attorney as soon as possible so they may begin investigating the details of the case. This is especially true if the crash involved death or catastrophic injury.

At Zinda Law Group, from the minute we are hired by an injured victim, our rapid response team may begin investigating and marshaling all possible evidence to advocate for our clients. Our unique approach includes rapid response to truck accidents, often engaging our vast directory of engineering and accident reconstruction experts to investigate the collision. We also employ a team of full-time investigators to track down and obtain valuable evidence from law enforcement and other state and federal agencies.

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The Trucking Company Will Waste No Time

Rapid response is essential in the context of a truck collision. While the injured victim is being rushed to the hospital, the trucking company, its insurance carrier, and accident reconstruction experts may already be conducting their investigation and framing the events to their advantage. In some cases, experts hired by trucking companies are working alongside investigators from law enforcement agencies as they gather evidence and assign fault. Additionally, some physical evidence such as tire marks might be lost soon after the collision by time or weather.

Given the potential for trucking companies to gain advantage from such a head start in their investigation and the potential for evidence to be lost by time and weather, it is crucial for an injured victim to have their own representatives conduct an investigation on behalf of the victim. At Zinda Law Group, we associate with a wide range of experts across the Southwest United States who may conduct on the scene investigations, vehicle inspections, ECM downloads and more to ensure the investigation is not one-sided.

 Critical Documents May Be Lost

Valuable evidence may also come from the documents held by the trucking companies themselves in addition to the physical evidence resulting from the collision. Such documentation – or lack thereof – can serve as valuable evidence for a victim if the victim has claims against the truck company for negligent hiring, negligent entrustment, negligent training, negligent supervision, etc. These claims may exist in addition to the claim against the truck driver for causing the crash. Therefore, attorneys for victims must act quickly to provide trucking companies and any other entities who are involved with notice of claim and a warning to preserve all potential evidence. Failure to do so could result in the loss of valuable evidence and a significant decrease in the compensation a victim might receive.

 Trucking companies are required by industry regulations to retain documentation to prove they adhere to safety standards. For example, trucking companies must retain drivers’ hours of service logs to show how much and how often the driver has been driving. Many trucking crashes are caused by driver fatigue, and the federal regulations set forth a strict limitation on truck drivers to ensure they don’t drive too many hours. In addition, trucking companies should also retain documentation showing:


Federal & State Regulations

Trucks are dangerous. A multi-ton, cargo-hauling vehicle trying to deliver goods across the country as quickly as possible, and sometimes hauling hazardous cargo, is a dangerous recipe. The size of these vehicles, by their very nature, cause catastrophic damage and injury when accidents occur. Because of the inherent risk to the general motoring public, the United States has a multitude of laws at the state and federal level to regulate trucks on public roads. Therefore, it is important that a victim’s attorney has intimate knowledge concerning the trucking industry regulations.

To learn more about how the federal government regulates trucking, go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website.

High Insurance Limits

Additionally, given the gravity of the risk posed by commercial trucks on public roads, trucking companies are required to carry higher limits of liability insurance than normal passenger automobiles. Because there is more at stake for insurance companies, they invest more resources in defending against claims by injured victims. For an individual, it can be daunting to face such an uphill battle against wealthy insurance companies and trucking carriers. At Zinda Law Group, we have the resources and the experience to level the playing field.  

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Finally, injury cases arising from trucking collisions often present unique and complex legal issues stemming from the fact that the truck driver is often employed by or dispatched by a motor carrier. Sometimes the relationship between the driver and the company is even more complicated by the fact that the driver is an owner-operator, or if there is another entity involved in dispatching the particular load the driver is hauling such as a leasing company. More often than not, a trucking company will be liable for the actions of the driver, but understanding the relationship between the driver, the company, and any other entities are essential to maximizing compensation and identifying all potential sources of recovery. The attorneys at Zinda Law Group are well versed in navigating the nuances of these agency relationships.


At Zinda Law Group, we have over 25 attorneys serving Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico who work hard on behalf of trucking victims. We have a wide array of experience representing trucking victims and handling the unique and complex legal issues presented in trucking cases. Over its history, our firm has represented hundreds of trucking victims with success. We continue to seek maximum compensation on behalf of our clients from trucking companies and their insurance carriers.

As our client, you will have a team of experienced and reputable attorneys working on your case at all times, including attorneys who once worked on behalf of trucking companies. At the end of the day, we know that victims did not ask for this frightening experience to happen to them. They have enough to worry about trying to get better from the injuries rather than navigate a complex legal playing field against a formidable foe. At Zinda Law Group, we are committed to leveling the playing field and fighting for the compensation that victims may be entitled to.

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