Oversize Trucks & Overweight Trucks

State and federal regulations throughout the United States control truck load size and weight limits for 18-wheelers. Though Congress has considered increasing these limits, studies have shown that doing so would produce even more catastrophic accidents on roadways. Currently, the weight limit in most states is 80,000 pounds. Even at that, accidents involving a fully loaded tractor trailers often result in serious damages and fatal injuries. Although over-sized cargo causes major damage to roadways and increases the severity of accidents, truck owners still seek ways around the laws.

Trucking companies are well aware of the laws and restrictions, but they also have businesses to run and cargo to deliver. It’s a fact that a larger load equates to bigger profits. Truck owners and companies who take risks like this put everyone on the road in jeopardy. When an accident does occur that involves an overloaded truck, the other drivers often sustain life-threatening injuries because of the additional impact.

Through the efforts of national advisory boards like the Association of Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (AITLA), accidents like these are minimized. This national association works to eliminate illegal or unsafe interstate trucking practices and yet accidents occur every year involving semi-trucks that are over the weight limits. With the increase of truckers on the roads each day comes added risks of serious accidents.

If you or a loved one was involved in an overloaded truck wreck then your family may be devastated. Your injuries may be so severe that you will not be able to return to work for months. This can leave your family wondering how to make ends meet and pay for expensive medical bills. On top of severe injuries, victims often experience great stress worrying about their future and that of their family.

Zinda Law Group works to assist people involved in accidents like this by closely examining the weigh station records. Eye witnesses must be questioned and log books scrutinized. You need a trucking attorney that understands the federal and state regulations that address weight restrictions. Weigh bills that show what was shipped must also be examined. Putting together a strong case takes time and experience. But the lawyers at Zinda Law Group have the knowledge and resources to give you the professional representation you deserve.

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