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A New Mexico semi-truck accident can cause serious or life-altering injuries and even death for those involved. Unfortunately, when an 18-wheeler, semi-truck, tractor trailer, or another type of commercial vehicle causes a wreck, it is most often the occupants of the passenger vehicle who pay the price. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, approximately 70 percent of deaths in a trucking accident are those in the passenger vehicle. If you or a loved one were harmed in a trucking accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. You may be eligible to receive damages for medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and more. The New Mexico truck accident lawyers at Zinda Law Group are here to fight for you and help you seek the compensation that you deserve. We represent cases in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Farmington, Santa Fe, and all of New Mexico. As one of our clients, you will pay nothing unless we can win your trucking accident case. Call Zinda Law Group today at (800) 863-5312 for a free case evaluation with an experienced New Mexico truck accident attorney.


It is important to complete a few key steps after you have been in an accident with a truck to make sure that you don’t sustain a further injury and to ensure that you preserve any future legal claim. 1. Seek Medical Attention: If possible, move immediately away from the accident scene to a safe location. Next, determine if emergency medical attention is necessary. Remember that adrenaline can often mask the pain felt from injuries, which can lead you to underestimate their severity. 2. Report the Accident: When the police arrive on the scene, make sure to file a report. Be as thorough as possible while the details of the event are fresh in your mind. It is difficult to determine what facts may become important later on, so tell the officer everything, even if it doesn’t seem significant at the time. 3. Document the Accident: After talking to the police, begin documenting the accident. This includes things like getting the insurance information of the driver, taking pictures of both vehicles and the surrounding area, and getting the contact information from any potential witnesses. 4. Contact a Truck Accident Attorney: The time following your truck accident will be difficult and confusing. On top of dealing with your injuries, you will be in contact with many different people, not all of whom have your best interests in mind. It is important that you contact An attorney as soon as possible after your accident to help guide you through this process.

How to File a Truck Accident Lawsuit

In any situation that may lead to a lawsuit, it is important to complete a few key steps. These include: 1. Call a Truck Accident Lawyer: As stated before, the legal process can be long and confusing. Contacting an attorney with experience in this area is the first step in determining if you have a legitimate claim or not. If you do, then your attorney can help you move forward and attempt to get you the best settlement possible. 2. Investigation: Once you have retained the services of a truck accident attorney, then they will begin to investigate the accident. This includes things like looking over police reports, conducting interviews with witnesses, and gathering any documents that they may need to build the strongest case possible for you. 3. Settlement: Once your attorney has a good grasp on the facts on the case, they can begin settlement negotiations with the opposing side. Settlement negotiations are very tricky, and it is key to have an experienced lawyer on your side at this point to make sure that your interests are represented and that you are not taken advantage of.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim In New Mexico?

For every injury claim, there is a statute of limitations or a period within which the claim needs to be filed. The clock usually starts the day the accident happened. In New Mexico, you have three years from the date of the accident in which to file a claim. There are exceptions if the victim is a minor or if wrongful death is involved. Generally speaking, it is advisable to contact an attorney as soon as possible to make sure that you keep your case well within the statute of limitations.


If you have been in a truck accident, the main question that you probably have is, “How much is my case worth?” Determining compensation can be tricky, but the money in damages that may seek typically falls into two categories: 1. Economic Damages: This category includes things like your medical bills, any physical damage to your vehicle, and the wages that you might have lost if your injuries prevent you from working for a time. 2. Non-Economic Damages: This category is a bit trickier to calculate but can certainly be sought. Damages in this category include the pain and suffering after an accident or the loss of enjoyment of life.

Commercial Trucking Regulations in New Mexico

Due to their large size and high potential to cause injury or death, drivers of commercial trucks in New Mexico and across the U.S. are required to follow strict rules and guidelines. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), truck drivers are required to have 30 minutes of rest in the first 8 hours of a shift; be limited to a 70-hour work week; follow weight regulations; and properly maintain their vehicles. An experienced New Mexico truck accident attorney from Zinda Law Group will know the law and can help determine if the driver or trucking company acted negligently and is liable for your injuries. If the truck driver or company is at fault, we will fight aggressively to help get the compensation you deserve.

Why You Need a New Mexico Trucking Accident Attorney

The New Mexico truck injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group have extensive knowledge of federal and state trucking regulations. Our team of semi-truck accident lawyers can use the facts of your case and gather evidence to establish liability. We will also be your voice and advocate when dealing with insurance companies. We won’t let them offer you less than you are entitled to after your accident. Our team of 18-wheeler accident lawyers want to seek the fair compensation you deserve. Don’t get stuck paying the price for a truck driver’s negligence. Call Zinda Law Group at 800-863-5312 today to receive a free consultation with our New Mexico truck accident attorneys. *Meetings with attorneys by appointment only* Suggested Reading NM Trucking Company Insurance Requirements