NAFTA and Unsafe Mexican Semi-Trucks

More and more accidents are occurring in the U.S. that involve Mexican Trucks. Though the 1992 trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and America was economically beneficial to our countries, it opened the door for some unexpected dangers. Since that time, trucks from Mexico have been allowed to travel into the U.S. bringing all sorts of cargo. But Mexico does not have the strict laws that America has concerning vehicle safety.

Semi-trucks that come up into Texas and California from Mexico can be in very poor condition. In some cases, they are even dangerous. Trucks with worn out tires, bad brakes and other problems are a hazard on Texas highways. Authorities have seen a rise in accidents where Mexican trucks were loaded improperly causing a shift in the load when turning sharp corners. Accidents involving big rig tire blow-outs can cause multi-car pile-ups on Texas roadways.

It takes a fully loaded semi-truck over a football field to come to a complete stop even when the brakes are in excellent condition. Imagine how much highway a truck needs with faulty, worn-out brakes. Accidents happen every day on roadways across America but the injuries are normally much more severe when an 18-wheeler is involved. These trucks can turn an ordinary fender bender into a serious accident where victims are severely injured or killed.

Though Mexican companies must be approved for international hauling, the truth is that trucks do travel into the U.S. without the proper approval necessary. These trucks are unsafe and company owners know it but they are looking more at their bottom line, which is profits, than the safety of motorists.

For anyone who has been involved in an accident with a foreign truck, it can be a nightmare to locate the guilty party and get compensated for damages and injuries. This requires a Texas law firm with the experience and know-how to review the accident and gather the correct documentation. A thorough investigation must be completed. You’ll also need a law firm with extensive knowledge of NAFTA regulations.

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