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While most people are familiar with the risks that 18-wheelers pose on the highway, many may not have ever considered that a garbage or dump truck may pose a similar risk.  The fact is that garbage and dump trucks are large trucks that cause accidents on the roadway.  The damage can be every bit as catastrophic due to the heavy weight and complicated mechanics of these vehicles.

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Types of Garbage Truck Accidents

Not only are other cars at risk for collisions with a garbage truck, but pedestrians and bicyclists are too.  The following are a few common scenarios that may result in a garbage truck accident:

  • Failure to adequately see through blind spots
  • Sideswiping another vehicle
  • Truck rollover

This list is not exhaustive.  Just because your accident does not fall under one of these categories does not mean you have no claim.  The best way to know if you have a claim that warrants appropriate compensation is to give our office a call and speak to an experienced garbage truck accident lawyer today.

Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents

At the end of the day, garbage trucks are vehicles like other cars and trucks.  Thus, accidents happen for a lot of similar reasons that normal car accidents happen.  However, garbage trucks often involve the carrying of very heavy loads.  Operators must be properly trained on the mechanics of the truck and pay extra close attention due to the weight of the truck.  As a result, here are some common causes of garbage truck accidents that may lead to injury:

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some common questions we get asked regarding personal injury cases in general, and specifically about garbage truck accidents:

Do I Need A Lawyer for a Garbage Truck Accident?

Having an experienced attorney fighting for you may be in your best interest when dealing with the other party and their insurance company. An attorney may help you during the process of filing a claim and guiding you and the other party to a successful resolution.

What Types of Compensation Can I Claim?

After an accident, you may be able to recover two different types of damages for your injuries.  These damages can be categorized as both economic and non-economic damages.  Economic damages compensate for quantifiable expenses, such as medical bills and lost wages.  Non-economic damages, on the other hand, seek to compensate a victim for less quantifiable losses.  This may include compensation for pain and suffering that has resulted from your accident and will continue to affect your life going forward.

How Long Does It Take to Settle an Accident Claim?

Unfortunately, there is no set timeline of how long it takes to settle a truck accident claim.  The length of time it takes to negotiate a successful settlement could be relatively short, or it could be lengthier depending on the complexity and severity of the accident.  However, it is worth noting that most cases settle as opposed to going to trial.  The sooner you get started on speaking with someone about filing a claim, the sooner we may begin to fight on your behalf.  Give us a call today for a 100% free case evaluation and let us get started working on your claim.

Is It Illegal to Pass a Garbage Truck?

The answer to this question may depend on the state in which you live.  In some states, there are certain guidelines for passing a garbage truck.  In California, for example, drivers must either pull into an adjacent lane or proceed past trucks at a slow and reasonable speed.  Thus, it is important to know what your state has to say about interacting with garbage trucks while on the road.

Who Is at Risk for a Garbage Truck Accident?

Unfortunately, everyone is at risk for a garbage truck accident.  Whether you are a pedestrian, another driver, or using another transportation method, such as skateboard or bicycle, then you may be at risk.  Garbage trucks are heavy machinery, and as long as you are in a position to potentially come into contact with a garbage truck, then you are at risk for being involved in an accident.

If you or a loved one was injured by a garbage truck, the experienced attorneys at Zinda Law Group may be able to assist you in seeking compensation from the responsible party.

Who is Liable for a Garbage Truck Accident?

The fault in a garbage truck accident may fall on several different parties.  It could be the fault of the driver, a mechanic, the garbage truck company, or even the injured party themself.  Traditionally, liability will usually be determined based on a traditional theory of negligence.  A responsible party is negligent when they owed a duty of care, subsequently breached that duty, and that breach caused either physical or property damage to another.

Municipality- and Government-Owned Trucks

If you have been hit by a garbage truck owned by your municipality or government, you have a right to seek compensation for any injuries.  In this case, you would sue the government directly by filing a claim directly with the city or municipality that owns the truck.  An experienced attorney in your area may be able to help you identify who owned the truck and determine how to file a claim against the correct party.

Privately Owned Trucks

If a private company owns and operates the garbage truck that hit you, then you could sue either the trucking company or the driver depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.  If the garbage truck driver was driving the truck in the course of their employment, then the company may be vicariously responsible for the injuries their driver has caused.  On the other hand, if the driver was not within their employment capacity when they hit you, you may not be able to seek relief from the company and may need to just sue the driver individually.

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Experienced Garbage Truck Injury Lawyers

Whether your claim is simple, complicated, or somewhere in between, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney.  Lawsuits can be complex and burdensome.  Don’t make it harder on yourself by trying to go through this process alone.  Our attorneys at Zinda Law Group have the experience to guide you through the legal process, make recommendations, negotiate with the involved parties, and help advise you on important legal decisions.  Having an experienced attorney may improve your chances of being able to seek the maximum compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries.  We want to fight for you and make sure you are being treated fairly after being involved in a garbage truck accident.

At Zinda Law Group we believe that quality representation should be available to everyone.  That is why we work on a contingency fee basis.  That means that unless we secure you appropriate compensation, then you don’t owe us anything.  Give us a call today at (800) 863-5312 to discuss your case for free with an experienced truck accident lawyer.

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