Trucking Accidents That Are Caused by A Failure to Check Blind Spots

Many motor vehicle accidents are the result of one driver failing to properly check their blind spot when changing lanes, turning corners, or braking. All vehicles have blind spots, but those on a large commercial truck or big rig are more significant and more dangerous than those on a regular passenger car. The blind spots found on large trucks are oftentimes referred to as the “no-zone.”

If you find yourself in this no-zone you may be at risk of a serious accident, particularly if the truck suddenly attempts to change lanes. Thus, it is important to avoid tailgating large trucks and move through blind spots rather than remain in them for stretches of time so as to avoid a crash. If you are in an accident, however, the truck injury attorneys are here to help. Call 800-863-5312 to learn your rights and options with a free attorney consultation today.

So Where Exactly Are the Blind Spots On a Large Truck Located?

Large semi-trucks have blind spots that are located right in front of the truck’s cab, just below and behind the truck driver’s window, spots all along the right side of the entire truck, and immediately below the truck’s trailer. Due to the size of a large truck, it is challenging and sometimes impossible for truck drivers to see anything in these particular areas. While truck drivers should try their best to check blind spots before changing lanes, turning, and braking, they do not always see other vehicles that might be present.

Liability in A Trucking Accident Caused by A Failure to Check a Blind Spot

If you were in a trucking accident, you likely sustained serious injuries and other significant damages. This is not surprising given the huge size discrepancy between a fully-loaded eighteen-wheeler and a passenger vehicle or even an SUV. If you suffered injuries it is possible to obtain compensation, but first, you must establish liability for the accident. Many truck drivers or trucking companies will assert that the truck accident is your fault because you were driving in the truck’s blind spots. However, traveling in a blind spot does not make you responsible or liable for the crash.

Truck drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care so as to avoid any foreseeable risks that might cause harm to others. In other words, truck drivers must use caution when braking, turning or changing lanes. If the truck driver did not check their blind spots and you were injured, the driver might be at fault because they failed to exercise the appropriate duty of care. An experienced truck accident attorney can conduct a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the case. It might be that the truck driver was not properly trained, lacked certain licenses or certifications, had a poor driving record, or was even intoxicated.

Trucking companies may also be held responsible for the accident if they failed to train their employee properly or they were negligent in the hiring of the truck driver. Because a number of defendants may be at fault in a trucking accident, trucking cases can be particularly complex. Accordingly, it is important that you quickly consult with an experienced blind spot truck accident lawyer in order to preserve your right to compensation.

Experienced Blind Spot Trucking Accident Lawyers

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