Areas of Collection

In a truck accident case, there are non-economic damages and economic damages that our attorneys seek to recover on our client’s behalf. In terms of non-economic damages, those are the things that don’t have a number necessarily associated with them.

Rather than medical bills and lost wages, non-economic damages encompass things like pain and suffering. So what did you go through on a daily basis as a result of a truck driver or the truck driver’s employer, and what will you continue to go through as your injuries begin to heal.

Also, you can recover for something called mental anguish. That’s the mental toll that an injury takes on you.

In addition, you can recover for physical impairment, those are things that you were able to do before the truck accident that you weren’t able to do after the truck accident, or things that you were easily able to complete beforehand that are now more difficult.

Finally, there’s a source of damage called physical disfigurement. This refers to things like the scars, bruising, or cuts that have occurred and will continue to occur.

Courts allow you to be compensated or made whole for all of these types of non-economic damages in any sort of truck accident.