18 Wheeler Truck Accidents: Insurance Standards

Accident cases involving semi-trucks and 18 wheelers will present unique legal issues.  All commercial 18 wheeler truck operators must follow numerous federal and state safety regulations, and are required to carry insurance with far higher limits than standard vehicle drivers.  Additionally, when a truck accident occurs, there are often several parties responsible.

For these reasons, the victims of truck accidents are more likely to reach an injury settlement that meets his or her damages than the victims of ordinary car accidents.  We offer a more in depth explanation as to the factors involved in truck accident settlements and the industry’s insurance standards.

State & Federal Standards for Truck Operators’ Conduct & Insurance

      The owners, operators, and manufacturers of 18 wheelers must follow a number of state and federal regulations.  How much a truck can weigh, how long a driver can operate without rest, and how often the vehicle must receive maintenance are just a few examples of the conduct regulated within the trucking industry.

In the event of a truck accident, your attorney will attempt to uncover whether the trucker or trucking company violated a statute or ordinance. Evidence of a violation will greatly increase the victim’s odds of winning at trial, and subsequently odds of achieving a favorable settlement.

Another important aspect of state and federal regulation is the higher insurance requirements imposed upon truckers and trucking companies.  Generally, in a practical sense, defendants will only be able to settle for an amount they can actually afford, which in personal injury cases equates to the maximum amount allowed by his or her insurance company.  Thus, policy limits dictate settlement amounts.

The higher policy limits that must be maintained in the trucking industry means that an injured truck accident victim will not be stuck accepting a low settlement amount.  The plaintiff can push to receive a settlement that encompasses all of his or her damages stemming from the accident.  This is often not the case in the standard car accident case, where low policy limits may leave an accident victim still struggling with uncovered medical bills and much more.

Multiple Defendants Involved in a Truck Accident Case      

      Many truck accident cases will involve some degree of liability on the part of the trucker and his or her employer.  At times, a truck manufacturer will also hold responsibility for the crash.  When multiple defendants are involved in the lawsuit, they may be equally responsible for the damages stemming from the suit, or only be responsible for those damages they directly caused.

For instance, a distracted trucker may share responsibility for the accident with the manufacturer of faulty brakes.  The plaintiff would be able to sue the driver, his or her employer, and the manufacturer.  If the court cannot determine the fault of each defendant, or if one defendant does not have enough insurance to cover his or her portion of the damages, the other defendants may be required to pay more than their percentage of the damages.

Zinda Law Group:  Truck Accident Attorneys Assisting the Victims 

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