18-Wheeler Truck Accidents: Helpful Resources for Victims

Due to their immense size and weight, commercial trucks such as 18-wheelers and semi-trucks can cause serious injuries and extensive damage.  Accidents involving tractor-trailers and other trucks can be caused by:

  • Negligent truck drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Defective parts
  • Passenger vehicle drivers
  • Other potential defendants

Although negligence is the primary legal principal at play in any truck accident case, truck accident cases differ substantially from car accidents and will require specific knowledge.

Trucking accidents involve a complex web of federal and state laws, along with unique safety standards and licensing requirements for all commercial truckers. In the event you are injured in a truck accident, you will need to research the trucking company and big rig driver as soon as possible.

Be sure to never discuss liability for the accident and do not sign any documents until you have retained the assistance of a knowledgeable truck accident attorney. Always be sure, first and foremost, to seek medical attention after any truck accident that may have resulted in injury.

Your Most Useful Resource: Your Truck Accident Attorney

Your best resource following any semi-truck accident will be your truck injury attorney. Your accident lawyer understands the ins and outs of truck accident law and will be most familiar with your individual circumstances. Your truck injury attorney should be able to answer all of your likely many questions and will offer you the crucial information you need to mount your strong truck accident case.

More Information Can Be Found Online

      In addition, it can be helpful to access the following resources, all of which have websites:

  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: This division of the U.S. Department of Transportation offers safety programs, lists of regulations, and facts related to the prevention of truck accidents.
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: The “large trucks” section of this website offers truck accident fatality statistics as well as regulatory policies, safety ratings, and other relevant safety information.
  • American Trucking Associations: The ATA is an advocate for the trucking industry, offering information and research on the industry as a whole along with highway and driver safety tips.
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance: This organization is comprised of commercial vehicle industry representatives and safety officials from numerous government entities.  It offers research and suggestions to increase truck safety across the U.S.
  • Insurance Information Institute: The highway topics on this website include information about truck safety, insurance, and much more.
  • Truck Driving Safety Tips: Published by American Family Insurance, this list of safety tips can help prevent truck accidents and highlights common causes of accidents that truck accident victims may find useful.

Zinda Law Group:  Nationwide Truck Accident Attorneys Available When You Need Us

The nationwide truck accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group understand that 18-wheeler accidents can occur at any time. That is why we offer experienced assistance to truck injury victims across the United States.

When you are involved in a truck accident, call us immediately and we will set up a free consultation at the office closest to you. If you are unable to travel to our office due to your injuries, we may be able to travel to you.  Our skilled truck injury attorneys have the resources you need to obtain a maximum recovery following your truck accident. Call Zinda Law Group at 800-863-5312 to speak to one of our award-winning truck accident attorneys today.